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Wood Tier:


Stylish Wooden Sword

Steel Tier:


Kitchen Knife

Steel Sword

Steel Broadsword

Crumpled Steel Sword

Steel Longsword

Stylish Sword

Gold Tier:

Golden Candlestick

Expensive Sword

Really Expensive Sword

Expensive Broadsword

Crumpled Expensive Sword

Sturdy Longsword

Fabulous Sword

Ruby Tier:

Cute Red Sword

Ruby Red Sword

Red Dusk Sword

Fire Sword

Blood Stench

Really Sturdy Sword

Superb Scale

Emerald (Magic) Tier:

Green Magic Sword

Sword of Nature

Light Saber

Green Light

Wrath of Nature

Superb Light Saber

Poisoned Sword

Epic Tier:


Holy Sword of Light

Sword of Despair

Azure Flamberg

Hero's Khopesh

Limitless Machete

Knight's Soul

Godly Tier:

Hell's Vortex


Absolute Sword

Soul Blade

The Destroyer

Hell's Inferno

Sword of Jupiter

Divine Punishment

Joke Tier:

Horrible Tennis Racket

Frozen Tuna

Magic Stick of Love

Cat's Hand

Crazy Guitar

The Broom

"Holy Tier:"

Cruel Mace

St. Dragzilla

Billy Bob's Spade

Father's Golf Club

Blood Red Cross

Legendary Seaweed

Baptism of God

"Gentleman's Tier:"

Ruthless Spoon

Cool Backscatcher

Metal Fried Chicken

Gentleman's Umbrella

Bleeding Sword

Powerful Toy Hammer

"Final Tier:"

Moon Embracing Earth

Maf Ranger

Hitting a Boomerang

Backbone of the Devil

Strong Fragrance

Sword of the Lord

Terrible Chainsaw

Cross Blade

The Torch of Justice


Horrible Carrot

Dragon Staff

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