If anybody out there has any tips or tricks to help progress faster, share them here!

General hints Edit

  • If you can one-hit ko the monsters, it will take 15 minutes to hit 100 floors (30m/200F, 45m/300F etc, without walking speed modifiers). (iamgimpy - contributor).
  • Each floor takes a minimum of 9 seconds to complete (if enemies are one-hit ko'ed, without walking speed modifiers) (iamgimpy - contributor).
  • Be patient and try to arrive at floor 300 and obtain the hamster Pooruru. It will help a lot to fast upgrade the quests and weapons
  • Don't spend gems on pets to unlock them but to upgrade them. It is unknown if meetings the requirements of unlocking a pet when buying it with gems first will gain you anything more.
  • Don't save up keys until you are very sure you need to as every upgraded treasure can help you reach higher floors.
  • Spend your first keys into the Cloak of Agility so your initial kick off does not drag on for to long.

Spending money Edit

It is not recommended to upgrade any quest which has a lower income than its price to upgrade. E.g.: Eradicate Wolves will add 38.8 F gold every minute but its cost to upgrade is 108.4 F gold. Every upgrade will gain you +6.4 F gold, however, the price to upgrade increases by ~12.1F gold.

Level Reward (increases by) Upgrade costs (increases by) Difference
5 38.8F (6.4F) 108.4F (12.1F) -5.7F
6 43.2F (6.4F) 120.5F (>12.1F) <-5.7F

(Please correct these values if known how they do increase.)

That means in conclusion that the Eradicate Wolves quest is useless and should not be upgraded. So if you reach the point where you can unlock the quests it would be best to reincarnate. Furthermore it is not suggested to upgrade any quest beyond the 90% limit which means that the upgrade costs are roughly 90% of the reward. If you are a long term player you can upgrade earlier quests to use Pooruru more efficient as he chooses the finished quest by random.

To fix this problem you need to upgrade the Merchant's Mask which allows for the initial upgrade costs to shrink and the Golden Eagle Statue treasure which will increase the reward interval.

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